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Thursday Thoughts - Team launches - Pondering the benefits of a group launch over individual car reveals

Published by Christine

It's that time of the week again, where we pose a question and gather opinions from all corners of the web. If you have a blog and want to answer the question, then you can write up a post and link to it in the comments. If you don't have a blog, you can answer in the comments themselves, or we are more than happy to publish a guest post on your behalf.

This week's question:

Should F1 teams launch 2010 cars in a single launch event?

James Allen has previously mentioned that FOTA are considering the possibility of launching all their cars at one event, to try and save costs. At the last mention, they were making enquiries as to how this would work with the media. Mr Allen was worried that some of the smaller teams would miss out on coverage, dwarfed by the likes of McLaren and Ferrari.

This time last year, both Toyota and BMW had announced the launch date of their 2009 cars, but so far this year we've heard nothing. Does that mean the group launch might be on or is it that the teams are a bit more behind this year?

What do you make of the idea? Would it work? Would you rather they stuck to their individual launches? What about the Toyota style online launch to help cut costs?

Let us know your thoughts by the end of Thursday, and have fun writing!