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Thursday Thoughts - Pre-race glimpses - Summing up a favourite part of the entire Formula One weekend

Published by Christine

The question for Thursday Thoughts this week is quite broad:

What is your favourite part of an F1 weekend?

There is so much that goes into a weekend - from the big moments like a race start and the first corner, to the more personal moments like the swell of emotion if your favourite driver makes his way onto the podium. However, I've chosen something that happens before the weekend proper gets underway.

At the moment, for me, F1 is all about the anticipation. The racing isn't as good as I'd hope, and we've talked about that many a time before. I still get the same happy, excited feeling though, whenever a GP weekend is about to begin. Well, that is unless it is on at crazy o'clock. Then I get a quiet feeling of dread.

My favourite moment of an F1 week is Thursday. The teams and drivers are at the circuit, and milling around in the paddock, but the pressure is off. They head off on their track walks, and we get to see lots of pictures and tweets from various points around a single lap. Tabatha Valls is particularly good at this - sending messages from every corner.

Tabatha follows the team around Abu Dhabi
Tabatha follows the team around Abu DhabiCredit: Tabatha Valls / Twitpic

Getting to the end of the straight, at last, and into turns 8 and 9

tabathavalls tabathavalls

I like the photographs that come in from the various agencies of the weekend preparations (really good at Korea!) and the atmospheric photos that show what life can really be like in the paddock. I also enjoy the words and pictures that come from the BBC media team as they arrive at the circuit. The 5live crew participated in quite a few road trips to circuits this year, and it was great fun to watch them tweet their way towards their destination. Jake Humphrey quite often provides glimpses of the BBC preparations, and posts photographs of the team as they get themselves ready for live TV.

It's always fun to watch scheduled press conferences, qualifying and the race itself, but there's something about the meandering nature of a Thursday in the paddock that I like. That is from the comfort of my desk, of course. Watching people arrive, set-up, and begin to prepare is great fun, and it lets us know that something important is about to happen.