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Thursday Thoughts - I am a blogaholic - Writing far too many blogs but enjoying every minute of it

Published by Christine

For the final Thursday Thoughts, Maverick has posed a question not directly related to F1, but an interesting one. Mr C and I are both answering, so make sure you also read his answer here. The question itself: why do you blog?

It's a tough one for me. I've been blogging for so long and in so many different ways that I often forget why I do it, aside from just enjoying the process. I love to blog. I like writing, I like forming an idea into something a bit bigger, I like sharing things with other people. I love getting comments, but that is a bonus.

Once, a long time ago, an Aunt of mine stumbled across my personal blog, and when talking to me about it, said it was just like a scrapbook she used to keep. She said it was exactly what she would have done if the technology had been around when she was a kid. That's mostly how I see my blog. One giant scrapbook - a way of highlighting and saving awesome things, taking part in and recording conversations with fabulous folks. Looking back through the archives can be a pleasure or a pain, but is always a fascinating thing to do.

I have quite a lot of archives to look through, with many, many blogs to my name. Currently, I have these blogs ongoing:

Other blogs I have started and stopped: Daily Tennis Blog, Daily F1 Blog, Daily Hollyoaks Blog, The BBC Blog.

It might be an addiction.

In terms of Sidepodcast, I feel as though the blog is for something that won't work very well in audio, and is for things that need sharing and archiving. We've often bemoaned the fact that audio isn't the easiest thing to look back on, and producing transcripts is very important, if time consuming. When something needs bookmarking in a more tangible form, a blog entry might be it.

F1 is one of the hardest subjects I've tackled, and even though I've learnt enormous amounts since I first started the Daily F1 Blog, I still feel clueless 99% of the time. Writing, and discussing the subject with our lovely community helps me keep on learning.