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Thursday Thoughts - Fixing what's already broken - Evaluating the circuits that don't light up the Formula One calendar

Published by Christine

This week sees the return of Thursday Thoughts, a blog-centric way to brighten up the worst day of the week, and help us banish those off-season blues. If you were not around last winter, the concept will be new to you, but it's quite simple. Each Thursday, a lead blogger poses a question on their blog, and then others type up some posts with their answers. The idea is aimed at blogs rather than comments, but even if you don't have your own little corner of the web, any one of the participating bloggers will be more than happy to host your thoughts.

You can see some examples of last year's Thursday Thoughts and sign up to host future weeks on the wiki.

Let us begin, though, with something I mentioned this week in F1 Debrief. We complain a lot about the new circuits that are on the calendar providing us with woeful racing, but at the same time, Bernie doesn't seem keen to pay any heed. With the idea that Valencia and Bahrain are not going anywhere, anytime soon, here's the question.

Which are your worst three circuits, and what would you do to fix them?

It can be anything from tweaking very specific corners, to getting some ground roots motorsport in place to generate interest in the country. Dropping the track from the calendar is not an option though. Bernie wouldn't allow it, and it's the easy way out. We need to be a bit more inventive to fly under the radar. Let us know what you think by writing your post, and linking to it in the comments, or sending it in as a guest post.