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Thursday Thoughts - Are the new teams welcome? - What do you think the backmarker teams have brought to F1?

Published by Christine

We have reached Thursday yet again, and it's time to get your thinking caps on. So far this off-season, we have had two questions in a row about tweaking F1 to be more to your liking. This time, we're taking the topic elsewhere, pondering over some of the things we have seen in the sport this year. The question today:

The three new teams made quite an impression on F1 this year. What do you think they brought to the sport? How would the year have been without them? Better or worse?

Don't forget that the Thursday Thoughts question is simply a prompt for you to get your ideas out there on your blog. You don't have to stick to the subject matter religiously, use it as a starting off point. If you haven't got your own slice of the web, there are plenty of blogs that would be happy to feature a guest post, us included. Answers in the comments are fine, but not really in-keeping with the spirit of it all. Publish your thoughts, and post the links in the comments for all to see. I'll also be keeping this bundle of links up to date.

Also, if you would like to host a question next week or at any point over the off-season, just let us know. It's easy to do, you simply have to remember that it's Thursday, post up a question, and point us in the right direction. For now, though, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on those new teams.