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Thursday Thoughts - Appropriate logos and helmet lottery - An irreverant look at things that could improve Formula One

Published by Steven Roy

Team logos

Team logos will have to properly reflect the team rather than be something drawn up by a marketing department which in their world reflects the team’s image and values. Since Ferrari has now decided it is a one driver team the prancing horse will need to have one of its back legs chopped off. Over at Red Bull the logo will be changed to show several bulls charging at each other with bulls representing the two drivers, Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz and Renault. Standing in the middle will be will be a matador with a chequered cape representing Christian Horner trying to get them all charging in the same direction. I am sure others can come up with similar logos for other teams.

Blindfolded circuit map drawing

Last year Williams put out a video of Nico Rosberg drawing a circuit map while blindfolded. This was an entertaining diversion from the usual team videos. So in an effort to shake the grid up a little while the drivers are on the grid 15 minutes before the race they will be asked to draw a map of the circuit they are at. Each driver will be given a time penalty based on his drawing. If the drawing is perfect there is no penalty and the worse the bigger the penalty. To avoid post-race calculations the time penalty will be applied as a delay at the start of the race.

Helmet lottery

Since each team now has a couple of test drivers as well as their race drivers it is only fair they all get a chance to race. So before each a lottery machine will have balls painted like each driver’s helmet dropped into it and the first two helmets chosen that week.

Each team allowed two inventive sicky substitutions like Glocks Japanese injury. So if the lottery machine chooses one of the test drivers and the team’s number one driver is in contention for the championship they are allowed to make a substitution if the excuse is inventive enough.

Test driver qualifying race

I think test drivers need more mileage and the teams need the finance that comes from test drivers but the test drivers’ personal sponsors want more TV time. So qualifying will now be a 30 minute race with test drivers in the cars. After the grid has been set teams have to nominate which of their race drivers get in which car which should generate plenty of overnight coverage and some good pre-race interviews and post-race excuses.