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Thursday Thoughts - Introducing a new initiative to share blog posts about F1 topics

Published by Mr. C

Earlier today, Christine published our plans to keep people entertained during the off-season. However, we weren't expecting anyone to find themselves at a loose end already.

One or two people, it seems, are beginning to suffer from the lack of on track action, and the conversation in the comments turned to what to do on a quiet Thursday evening. Ideas were bounced around and we've settled on a plan to group-blog a specified F1 subject once a week and all publish our posts at the same time.

We don't want this to be a Sidepodcast exclusive thing, it should be decentralised and open to anyone. This post is merely the jumping off point. As yet we don't know how the specific subject will be chosen, but we do have one for today. If you're interested in joining in the fun, all you need to do is blog your thoughts on the following subject:

Who should be awarded the title of 2009 F1 Team Principal of the Year?

The idea for the post was inspired by the Professional MotorSport World awards, but you don't have to take your cue from those, all you need do is describe in as many or as few words as you like, who should be awarded the title and why.

To help you on your way, here's who you have to choose from:

FerrariStefano Domenicali
McLarenMartin Whitmarsh
WilliamsSir Frank Williams
RenaultFlavio Briatore / Bob Bell
ToyotaTadashi Yamashina
Red BullChristian Horner
BMW SauberMario Theissen
Toro RossoFranz Tost
Force IndiaVijay Mallya
Brawn GPRoss Brawn

If you title or tag your post Thursday Thoughts, your favourite search engine should do the rest. I think the plan is that everyone will schedule blog posts to publish around 9pm GMT on a Thursday. We've missed that deadline today though, so just jump in as and when you can.

If you're joining in, by all means leave a comment here, or on another blog taking part and hopefully we can contrast and compare after the fact. If you don't have a blog, guest posts are always welcome here, and I'm sure other bloggers will extend the same invite. Just yell and we'll sort you out.

Any questions?