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Thriving on the talk of others - How to interact with Sidepodcast, and why you should get involved

Published by Turkey Machine

I first discovered Sidepodcast back in 2009 when Lee McKenzie on Twitter linked to a wonderful young lady singing an original interpretation of the classic "Santa Baby" song, based on radio chatter between Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa at the Malaysian Grand Prix that year. When I went discovering who sang that masterpiece, I found a community with an awful lot of knowledge about the sport I love. Suffice to say, "Felipe Baby" has now become folklore among Sidepodcast.

Visibly evolved

My first comment, I'm reliably informed, was in June that year, and I've tried to comment once a day at least since then, and join in with the qualifying and / or race day chatter. Since then, Sidepodcast has audibly and visibly evolved to be a premier place for healthy discussion about anything. The podcasts are opinionated and unique, welcome feedback and views from anybody and everybody, and are produced by two highly talented individuals with a leading lady being the pretty face of the enterprise. They are the main reason I keep coming back to this place and wave at them, and I'd happily hug them for all eternity.

Sidepodcast has a Wiki, where random thoughts in the "Daily Discussion" thread can be contained and added to. The most recent memorable entry I can think of was the F1 drivers / personnel as biscuits discussion, which quickly turned into the biggest edible list I know of. Sidepodcast has fantastic post writers that turn news and views about subjects a world away from Formula One into an interesting and lively show. The "dailies" are probably my favourite part, and it would be nice to think that one day I can create something as unique as these individuals posts.

An irregular Possé

A community that thrives on the talk of others.
Credit: F1 Lou

But above all, there is a community that thrives on the talk of others, and interacts with each and every one of its many viewers and listeners. There is a regular possé of people that keep this place alive at all hours of the day and night - as far afield as the US and Canada, to Australia and New Zealand, to the UAE and Dubai. For this reason I will always love this site and the people who are a part of it. You too can be a part of this wonderful community. All you gotta do is just say "hi", and it's easier than you think.

You can do this by calling 0121 28 TRACK (+44 121 28 87225) or by finding sidepodcast on Skype, writing a comment or message in the Daily thread (or any thread for that matter), sending an email to or, or using the Writing A Guest Post link, inside the "More" button on every page.