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Three times a champion - Fernando Alonso wants more, more, more

Published by Christine

Fernando Alonso has only just clinched his second world championship and he's already focused on the next one. A lot of the news sites are reporting that Alonso only wants to win three championships and that's it. The way I read it, he wants to at least equal Ayrton Senna's record. At least. See what you think.

To join McLaren and never to race with Ferrari reminds me a lot of Ayrton Senna. He won three titles and for me, to retire with three and achieve what he achieved would be the object of my career.

- Fernando Alonso

To me that says he would rather be like Senna than Schumacher - not winning over and over again until everyone is sick of him.

Alonso's new challenge will be to abandon the best car there has ever been. His Renault R26-03 started the season opener in Bahrain seven months ago and the exact same chassis has finished the final race in Brazil. That almost never happens in modern F1.