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Three men and the little Lego - What the Ferrari boys get up to in their spare time

Published by Christine

Lots of fun things pop in front of me as I peruse the internet for potential rankings, and today I stumbled across this marvellous video via @lookingspiffy. If you've ever wanted to see Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa putting together a tiny little Lego car, under Stefano Domenicali's expert supervision, well this is what you've been waiting for.

I love that they had to dress up in their overalls for this challenge, that the concentration on their faces (particularly Massa!) is so intense throughout, and that Alonso just gets on with it, whilst Felipe keeps checking the instructions. Stefano seems worryingly rubbish at giving instructions, and considering that they should all know how an F1 car looks, finishing in just under a minute isn't quite as good as you'd expect.

We've also uncovered this behind the scenes video, that gives a little bit insight into Alonso's style of competition, plus some intriguing ways to warm up the fingers!

Bless Massa, he's very keen on giving it his absolute best.