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Thoughts ahead of the Red Bull launch - Expectations ahead of the big reveal of the RB5

Published by Mr. C

We're not entirely sure what time Red Bull are planning to reveal their 2009 car this morning, but an educated guess says it'll be around 9am GMT. Before then though, it might be worth having a quick round-up of gossip and expectations prior to the event.

On Friday the team released a preview video detailing the changes to rule book for this year. The animation offered a sneak peek as to what we might experience livery wise and Dave confirmed the video features a close approximation of how the car will look.

Ian from Racing Bulls recently posted a list of Technical Specifications of the RB5 which covers the finer points of the new machine alongside a small teaser image.

Additionally, and I'm not sure if this has been covered elsewhere on the web, but we have it on good authority that the Newey pencil has been working its magic and the RB5 might just feature amongst other things:

  • An unusually sculpted nose
  • A complex multi-planed front wing arrangement

It should be noted that the above information didn't come from anyone who's commented on this site before, and may or may not be exclusive to Sidepodcast. However, given that a team only get to launch a new car once a year the rest of the rumours are probably best left unprinted.

Vettel is due to debut the new machinery on track in a couple of hours, and we may just find ourselves looking at one of the best looking cars on the grid.