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Published by Mr. C

If you cast your mind back to November of last year, you may remember we asked for feedback relating to the layout and design of this site. That seems like a long time ago, and very little has improved in the meantime. Everything changes here and now though, with the release of what Christine is describing our very own "Google Labs".

Introducing Project Playground - a home for new stuff, interesting stuff and various kinds of work in progress. A place that should be considered always in beta, somewhere we can drop half baked ideas and unfinished experiments.

Sidepodcast search

Don't hold on to the past

We discovered some time ago that it's easier to develop interesting things by releasing often and garnering community feedback early. Both the Live Commenting and Real-time pages are better as a result of everybody's usage and input. We also know that updating the main site to bring into line with those two pages is going to take a gargantuan effort and isn't the work of the moment.

Project Playground will be used to bring together recommendations, suggestions, improvements and fixes in smaller chunks that can be worked on individually, before being brought together many months down the line to create the definitive Sidepodcast 3.0.

Somewhat later than originally promised, but hopefully all the better for it.

Can't say goodbye to yesterday

The first micro-project we're announcing today is an improved search engine. The current Sidepodcast search has been almost entirely overlooked since the day we started and it really shows.

If you've ever tried to find anything around here, you'll have noticed you can't search comments and the results don't give any indication of what been found or why. Worse still, searching is really slow. The improved search project fixes all of those issues and more. You can search not only the main site, but the Wiki too, and because we're piggybacking on Google's search service, all of their filtering operators work too (minus symbol to remove, quotes to restrict etc).

We think it's considerably better, but we very much welcome and encourage feedback, either here in the comments, or on the various Wiki pages too.

There will be further Playground projects added during the coming days and weeks. Keep an eye on the comments if you're interested in helping out.

We will get there, honest.