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This thing doesn't handle like a new car - The Virgin Racing drivers show us their personalities

Published by Christine

F1 driver turned TV director, Timo
F1 driver turned TV director, TimoCredit: Marussia Virgin Racing

Virgin Racing made a bit of a name for themselves last year when they produced some excellent behind the scenes videos right out of the gate.

We saw the car on it's very first shakedown, and we saw plenty from Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi throughout the year, providing an amusing insight into life inside Formula One.

This year, things haven't changed at all, and we now have an excellent sneak peek at Timo Glock's second job. You thought he spent his time at the launch of the new Virgin car just posing by the chassis and answering predictable questions.

You were wrong.

It's great to see the team having such a good time, to hear from Jérôme for the first time as a full-on driver, and to see Crofty making unusual demands. I hope there are more videos like this throughout the year. It's looking likely that there might be.

Virgin teamed up with Quantel for 2011, and they aim to use the F1 team as a platform to showcase innovative new approaches to content creation. This is the kind of thing that gets us excited.