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This is the last time I will say these words - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the Brazilian Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Please don't forget to update your Fantasy Racers team.

Here we go then, the last chance to change your Fantasy Racers lineup and get maximum points in this season finale race. I honestly considered giving this race some proper thought, and picking my drivers based on what I've seen out on track. Then I thought: naaah. I promise, wholeheartedly, that next year I will actually try.

This week, I've taken the Brazilian theme and run with it, picking all three drivers for whom it is a home race. I've also picked Bourdais, just because, and Sutil because he's all I could afford with the money I had left.

Adrian Sutil3.9
Felipe Massa12.5
Nelsinho Piquet6.9
Rubens Barrichello6.5
Sébastien Bourdais5.1

That may actually be the closest I've ever managed to come to the 35m limit, so I'm secretly quite impressed. I've no idea how Sidepodcast Racers will fare this week, but let's be honest, it's not going to make much difference.

The cutoff point is 5pm GMT, which will be two thirds of the way through FP2, so don't wait until the end thinking you can be all clever and change it then. As ever, visit Fantasy Racers and select your team, but more importantly, come back and let us know who you're running and why.