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They've only been there 10 minutes - Sidepodcast commenters make their mark on the Spa countryside

Published by Mr. C

A number of people from Sidepodcast set off in the early hours of the morning heading in the direction of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in search of the Belgian Grand Prix. As they arrived at their destination they found themselves pulling up alongside BBC Television's Jake Humphrey and Martin Brundle, who had made a similar trip in Brundle's bright red E-Type Jaguar.

Busted already! Sidpodcrew line up behind 99 MB.
Busted already! Sidpodcrew line up behind 99 MB.Credit: Jake Humphrey / Twitpic

Jake took the above picture of fans welcoming their arrival at the track, Brundle is on the left of the picture, but more importantly lined up behind the red beast you can see (from left to right):

Chris, Amy, Pamela, Gavin, Lou (behind her camera), Bassano, Lukeh and Pat.

I have a feeling we'll be spotting this fabulous collection of people on more photographs throughout the weekend. Kathi, Emma and Guille are scheduled to be joining the crew later today, so if you're in the area for the race this weekend and see any of our favoutite F1 fans, please do stop them and say "hi". Don't be shy they really are quite lovely.

Also, watch out for footage of Jake's road trip on the BBC's pre-race coverage this weekend.