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They call us early adopters - A new cuddly panda arrives in the Sidepodcast household

Published by Christine

It started with a marmot, and went through otters, bunnies, and wallabies, but the Sidepodcast mascot always seems to return to the panda.

Whilst I am a fan of the baby panda, all the black and white creatures are awesomely cute, and that's why I have officially adopted one on behalf of Sidepodcast.

Sidepodcast Panda

I'm assuming that my £3 a month doesn't cover an entire panda, so maybe it's just an ear or a paw, but this cute and cuddly representation was sent to me a few days after I clicked donate.

Our adopted panda is called Zhu Xiong (pronounced Ju-Shong) meaning 'Bamboo Bear'. She's a giant panda, and about 11 years old. Here's a little blurb about her:

Zhu Xiong was only two years old when she was found in a small farming village in the Pingwu district of China. WWF staff moved her to the Wanglang reserve, the oldest and most remote reserve in China, where she joined 30 other pandas.

I have a certificate to confirm adoption, I've got some photographs of Zhu Xiong, and apparently I will get newsletter updates three times a year. It was really easy to do, and there's plenty of information on the WWF site, both about our panda and all the other animals that are available for adoption.

All that's left to do, then, is to come up with a name for our new Sidepodcast mascot. Although the cuddly toy represents the actual real life panda, I think it's only fair she has a Sidepodcast name. That's where you come in. I'm thinking something like Jane doesn't really do her justice, and maybe you guys can think of a clever motorsport related name for our newest member. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.