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Thermal imaging - A new way of looking at Formula One in action

Published by Mr. C

As very kindly pointed out by Kathi during live commenting earlier, FOM appeared to be trialling a new type of camera in the pitlane today.

Displayed without any fanfare (and completely missed by us) was this shot of Nico Rosberg refueling during qualifying this afternoon:

Rosberg pitstop caught on thermal camera

That seems like a pretty handy thing to have around, and you can easily see the engine venting is the toastiest area of the car, glowing white hot in the screenshot.

I'm surprised at how warm the tyres are in comparison to the engine, and it looks like the lower cross-section of the rear wing has taken a bit of a hammering from the engine exhaust.

Kathi has kindly uploaded a high quality clip if you fancy seeing it in action.