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There are cars out there too? - Driver spotting in the Silverstone testing paddock

Published by Christine

The pictures we've been posting over the three days of testing are all very well and good, but we've missed out two of the most important.


He was emerging from the Toro Rosso garage and heading towards the motorhome. I know I said I wasn't bothered about him anymore, but he seemed to be the nicest man ever.

A crowd gathered around him and blocked his path across the paddock. He stopped, he signed and signed, kept on giving out those autographs and muttering greetings to the surrounding fans, and didn't stop until everyone had gone. When his way was finally clear, someone approached him with a microphone and asked him if he could spare a couple of seconds. He nodded, but said they had to walk and talk, and he indicated for the person to join him in the motor home.

Why didn't we think of that?

Bourdais at Silverstone Testing

We didn't get a signature, because we prefer pictures to autographs, but an entire school trip managed to get something from the Frenchman, and I was impressed with his patience.

Di Grassi

I don't really have much to say about this guy, other than he is completely delicious.

Di Grassi at Silverstone Testing

It's fair to say that neither of us would have recognised him if he'd walked past us in the street, and it was only because he was posing for photos that this picture was even taken.

I have confirmed this with several other female F1 fans, and it is an actual fact: Di Grassi is delicious. So there.