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The weather in Monaco - Rain predicted for the Monte-Carlo street circuit race

Published by Mr. C

As pointed out by both Lou and Steven in the comments, long range weather forecasts are predicting rain for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Now these things are normally somewhat inaccurate, but it is raining there right now and has showers listed for both the Saturday and Sunday of next weekend.

Long range weather check for Monaco GP

Accuweather is even predicting thunderstorms on Sunday! In short it looks like it could be wet.

Of note, by all accounts Thursday is looking dry, and this is important because in Monaco free practice happens one day earlier than at any other race on the calendar.

I'm sure no-one needs reminding but that means: Free Practice live commenting thread will open at 8:30am BST on Thursday 22nd May.

Christine will no doubt be flitting between home and her office throughout the day, but I'll be sitting in front of the screen poised and waiting.

Whatever happens with the weather, I'm sure the whole event will be brilliant, and I'm already feeling a touch excited by the prospect of a return to the principality. Incidentally there's a whole discussion going on in the Facebook group on this very subject, so if you haven't already voiced your opinion feel free to jump right in.

Additionally, if you spot anything interesting relating to weekend, weatherwise or otherwise, do let us know in the comments below and shout if you're planning to be around Thursday morning for the first practice session.