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The votes are in - You say Räikkönen still has more to offer F1 - Your thoughts on a potential comeback from the Finn

Published by Christine

It's all okay by Kimi
It's all okay by KimiCredit: GEPA pictures/ McKlein

Earlier this week, we asked whether Kimi Räikkönen still had anything to bring to Formula One, after speculation placed him at Williams in a potential comeback. We had over 500 responses to the poll, which, more than anything, shows that Kimi is still able to illicit a response.

80% of voters believe that the Finn still has something to offer the sport, but the story is more complex than just a majority vote. We also received a number of fascinating comments, both here and in the wider social networks. Here are a few of the highlights.

Over on Google+, Nathan Collins had a thought about the motivation behind a potential comeback.

Kimi was an excellent driver, when he had something to prove. As soon as he didn't (when he won the championship) he went off the boil.

Being with a team like Williams, at the bottom of their game at the moment, could go one of two ways; either he will step up, put in the hours and make Williams great again or he'll languish at the back of the grid for one or two seasons and then disappear again.

- Nathan Collins

However, Tom Clark isn't so sure that Räikkönen portrays the right image for F1, particularly as a former champion.

I was a fan of Kimi, right up until he won his Championship. I thought he let Formula One fans down by being a rubbish ambassador for the sport, we just didn't hear anything from him, he did nothing to promote the sport we love so much. If he had behaved like Lewis, Jenson or dare I say Sebastian after winning his title I think he would be much more popular these days. Now he just seems like a bit of a laughing stock, failing to impress in WRC, or indeed anything else he tries his hand at.

- Tom Clark

Summing up the return of Räikkönen is hard to do in 140 characters, but we had a couple of persuasive responses on Twitter. One of them ponders just how many champions a grid can hold!

#Raikkonen or #Iceman is definitely one of the best drivers out there, having him back to #f1 = 6 world champions on the grid! :)

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Finally, Davin points out that whilst there may be some good points to a return from the Iceman, there must also be a number of question marks over what he could offer the team technically.

So it's clear that Kimi would bring sponsorship dollars towards Williams, in the random-of-the-cosmos chance that he would come back to F1, so that's a good thing.

However, what technical expertise does he bring when it comes to developing a car over the course of a season? Especially with Williams in its current state, who do not seem to be able to develop their way out of a wet knapsack. The team require drivers who can provide the technical feedback to improve the base package.

Is Kimi one of those drivers?

- Davin Sturdivant

In conclusion, it would appear there are many unknowns that could only be answered if Kimi did make a return to Formula One, and he may yet have unfinished business with the sport. However, it wouldn't be fair on Williams for him to return without putting in some extra effort, and the question of his motivation remains the limiting factor until we know more.