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The unanswerable question - Teams need testing, but can they afford it?

Published by Christine

I'm not a huge fan of testing, but like we said in Episode 11 Part 2, there really hasn't been a better time for teams to hit the track. After the tentative start by many in Australia, and the little bitty problems that a lot of drivers suffered from, the testing in Malaysia could make or break a team for the next few races.

I think the new tyres are having more of an effect than teams thought they might have done.

Anyway, the point is that Spyker aren't going to the three day test. They've decided that they are going to spend the time upgrading the car, rather than testing what they've already got. Plus, they can't particularly afford to be in two places at once.

Participating in the Malaysia test would stretch our resources; we're a small team and we have to pay careful attention to how we allocate the budget.

- Mike Gascoyne

It's a shame that they can't be there, because they're far enough behind as it is. How are the smaller teams ever going to get further up the field if they can't afford what the others can?