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The Twelve Days of F1 Christmas revisited - Relive the great audio adventure that was a live streamed festive carol

Published by Christine

The Twelve Days of F1 Christmas revisited audio waveform

Last year, we debuted the sing-a-long Christmas Carol in the shape of The 12 Days of F1 Christmas. It featured nine willing volunteers, 12 lines of song, and quite a lot of laughing. It was chaos, the singing was questionable, but it was great fun, and we want to recreate that tonight.

As mentioned a couple of times across various Sidepodmedia, we're attempting our second annual live streaming party tonight, in which there will be some singing, and you will be getting involved.

We're posting this reminder of the original Sidepodchristmas Carol because firstly, you can never hear it too many times, and secondly, we know it's going to be hard to beat it and want to celebrate how good it was in 2008.

The lyrics are only slightly out of date, some of them are still quite relevant:

  • Twelve years of gridwalks
  • Eleven points for Rubens
  • Ten Kimi fast laps
  • Nine dromes from Tilke
  • Eight points positions
  • Seven different winners
  • Six wet races
  • Five Massa spins
  • Four Heidfeld podiums
  • Three maiden winners
  • Two teams a-leavin'
  • And a last corner Championship win!

Stay tuned for more information on the party, and I hope you can join us as we live stream, consume some wine, and eat mince pies. Should be a great night. Enjoy!