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The twelve days of F1 Christmas - Celebrating the festive season with a Formula One themed carol

Published by Mr. C

The twelve days of F1 Christmas audio waveform

During a recent live recording of F1 Debrief, the Sidepodcommunity managed to butcher the 12 Days of Christmas like never before.

The end result was so spectacular it really does deserve of a post of it's own. So we've created a 7" single version for your listening pleasure / pain.

The full history of how this came about, can be found on the on the Wiki, but the full rundown went something along these lines:

  • Twelve years of gridwalks
  • Eleven points for Rubens
  • Ten Kimi fast laps
  • Nine dromes from Tilke
  • Eight points positions
  • Seven different winners
  • Six wet races
  • Five Massa spins
  • Four Heidfeld podiums
  • Three maiden winners
  • Two teams a-leavin'
  • And a last corner Championship win!

A huge thank you goes out to Alianora, Alex, Andy, Gavin, Little Purple Goth, Journeyer and Steven for taking the time to phone in, as well as to everyone who contributed to the list in the first place.

We couldn't imagine a more perfect end to a brilliant season. I just hope we haven't ruined the original for you forever.