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The simple way to save the British GP // How to appease the government to get support for the race

Published by Mr. C

Tamara on TV

Rumour has it that the future of the British GP is under threat. Who knew? Anyhow apparently Bernie's not happy about something or other and that means we have to sit through a whole heap of mudslinging as the BRDC and Ecclestone conduct their business via the press.

It doesn't have to be this way though because I have the solution, actually I have two solutions, but more on that in a moment. First allow me to give a bit of background that led me to my conclusions.

There are a whole bunch of events going on in the UK at the moment to raise money for a fundraising initiative known as Sport Relief (although it doesn't appear to be inclusive of all sports as F1 barely gets a look in). Put simply it involves running a lot and collecting money.

In support of said charity the BBC wheeled out a celebrity version of their popular TV show - The Apprentice. Two teams, boys vs. girls, making money selling tat to rich people. A simple concept augmented by an advisor of the opposite sex assigned to each team. For the boys team they had none other than Bernie's daughter Tamara, who was exquisitely introduced as:

Socialite and "it" girl, Tamara Ecclestone.

Bet you've always wanted to be described as that, right? Her mum must be sooo proud. Anyhow, back to the plot. As a consultant, the girl wasn't a whole heap of use, and by the end of the day the boys appeared to have fallen woefully behind the opposition. Enter one Bernie Ecclestone to save the day (sort of).

Mr. E offered to match anything his daughter's team made during the evening, and then proceeded to buy everything in sight. In effect he appeared to pay for everything twice. Now I know this is all for charity but if you ever wondered why your GP ticket cost so much...

Of note, one member of the boys team was so pleased with the "contribution" the man had made, he offered him the following words:

If you ever need anything, within the law, I'm at your service.

That man was Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik.

Bernie and Lembit Opik

So there you have it, my first suggestion for saving the British Grand Prix. Organise a groundswell of support amongst UK Formula 1 fans to vote the Lib Dems into power and hold Mr. Opik to his word.

This does, I admit, seem a bit like hard work. So instead I propose an alternate solution.

Seeing as Tamara is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to organising people, and seeing as her dad is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help her out, then I suggest the BRDC elect her as their president and when she makes a hash of the whole thing, the man will be on hand with a rescue package.

Simplicity itself, right?

Sadly, on the day, the boys team still lost the competition with almost half the profit of the opposition. I guess sometimes even the best will in the world isn't enough.