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The Sidepodcast house party 2009 - A review of the best party this side of Christmas

Published by Christine

The best Christmas card... in the world
The best Christmas card... in the worldCredit: F1 Lou

Last weekend we attended the first ever real life Sidepodparty, and it was a resounding success. The two of us gathered at Alex and Kat's house in London, along with Lou, Emily, Bassano, Pat, Chris and Fourstar, but we also managed to invite those who couldn't attend via a dedicated comment thread.

Additionally, we live streamed video from several cameras while a Skype conference call was set up to bring the farthest reaches of the globe into London to join the party.

Alex has spent the whole of this month entertaining us with the Giggle's Advent Calendar and he kindly invited us all to take part in one of the episodes. The finished product came out really well, and was a nice surprise to those who hadn't attended.

During the recording we did manage to sneak some behind-the-scenes footage of the recording in action (there really were a lot of cameras).

It wasn't all work, work, work though. We managed to get through a fair amount of pizza, hot sausage rolls and some lovely cookies made by Lou's mum. There may have been a small quantity of alcohol consumed too. The house was a sight to behold at times, with up to six screens running live comments, including a rather large TV communicating via Wii-Wi-Fi.

It was without a doubt the geekiest party we have ever been to and it was brilliant. We must give special shout out to Pat for turning in an official Sidepodcast T-shirt. The message as annoyingly relevant today as the day it was introduced.

Pat W and Mr.C sporting Sidepodcast tees.
Pat W and Mr.C sporting Sidepodcast tees.Credit: Christine Blachford

If you're interested in seeing more streaming party goodness, take a look at the following videos:

Thank you to everybody who made the day so wonderful. Can we do it again soon please?