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Published by Christine

Sidepodcast has become a very literary place recently, with the introduction of my own books, plus great works from Stuart Codling and Joe Saward all being discussed in the confines of the comments. I spent the past weekend browsing Shelfari - an Amazon-owned social network for book lovers - and now I can present to you the Sidepodcast Book Group.

With a collective bookshelf, there's room for some excellent book recommendations and scope for finding new motorsport titles you may not have heard of. There's space to leave reviews, to create discussions, and to find like-minded readers.

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If you want to get more involved with the books themselves, Shelfari offers space to fill in plenty of information about each novel - from the first line of the book, to profiles of the main characters, and notes on the main locations visited. All this user-entered information filters through to Amazon itself, and can help potential readers find works that will really interest them.

It's a great place to keep track of what you've read, what you're currently enjoying, and what you want to read, with some fun ways of finding new books to add to your To Read list.

The book group itself already has a couple of great discussions ongoing, including recommendations for the best motorsport autobiographies. Tom is a big fan of Sid Watkins' book, Life at the Limit, filled as it is with fascinating stories. Meanwhile, 4chords recommends Alex Zanardi's My Story, with the final part of the book an uplifting tale of human achievement.

If you want to delve in and start chatting, head to the Sidepodcast Book Group and share your thoughts on autobiographies, or why not start a new discussion about a motorsport book topic weighing on your mind?

Don't forget to add your favourite books to the group shelf, and I will see you there.