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The right time to buy a new hat - Have you ever missed a race due to an unfortunately timed wedding?

Published by Christine

Weddings seem to be a popular theme on Sidepodcast. Previously, we have discussed the fact that Flavio Briatore was planning his nuptials around the F1 calendar, and of course, we mentioned very briefly our own tying of the knot.

We've even covered how we would suggest you do it, if you wanted to get married in Formula 1 style. We've pretty much got it all figured out by now, and I'm glad to say that our recommendations seem to be catching on.

In the most tabloidy of tabloid newspapers, and in a story with no apparent source, reports surface that ex-Westlife member Brian McFadden is planning an upcoming wedding to his girlfriend Delta Goodrem, but only so long as it doesn't clash with the World Cup and happens before the end of the F1 season, without coinciding with a race weekend either.

Consulting my calendar, (which doesn't actually have the World Cup on there, but maybe it should!) I would plump for the 17th July or the 14th August. I would also highly recommend the Williams Conference Centre for the reception, if only so that it would stop Mr C going on about it.

I was quite convinced that we were the only ones who would plan a wedding around the F1 season, but it looks as though racing is more popular, and more unmissable than we first imagined. Or is it? Have you ever missed a classic race due to your own or someone else's unfortunately timed wedding?