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The real fun of Autosport // Some say it is all about the cars, others disagree

Published by Christine

I suppose really, that Autosport is not about the cars. F1 plays a very limited role in the show, with only the occasional team showing up to take part. You couldn't really say that you were going there for F1.

What you could say you were going for is the girls and the gifts. Walking around the arena, it's almost impossible to find a stand without a scantily clad girl holding out a bag full of bits and pieces for you to take.

The previous few years, we have been more interested in taking photographs than collecting all the stuff that is handed out, but this year I was on a mission to collect as much as I could. I came home with about ten different bags, which in actual fact is not a lot. The problem is that by the time I realised I wanted to collect things, they had all started to run out. Next year I will do better. Anyway, I came away with a nice little stash. A lot of it was rubbish advertising, bits of paper, boring. But there were a couple of interesting magazines, some pens and keyrings, and a poster or two. Plus the bags are quite cool as well.

That was my half of the mission. Collect as much junk as possible. Mr C's mission, should he choose to accept it, was to take as many pictures of the girls as possible. And of course he accepted it. Who wouldn't?

Here are a selected few of the girls. More will be on Flickr, obviously.

Kiss My Asphalt

We also found an actual, proper glamour model. Her name is Leanne Nemeth and she was selling calendars of herself, sponsored by a motor product. The calendar was £5, and of course, when she talked to Mr C, he would have given her £50 for it. We didn't have any cash so we said we would come back. We got our hands stamped, went to the cash machine, and then entered the mayhem once again. Only we couldn't remember where she was. It's such a big arena, with so many identical looking stalls that we wandered round and round looking for her. Eventually, we had to look at the picture we had taken of her on the previous meeting and decipher what company it was she was next to. Then we found that on one of the maps near the entrance, and finally managed to find our way back to her.

I gave Mr C the money for his calendar, and she said she would sign it for him. He was very happy about that, and snapped some pictures of her doing so.

When she passed the calendar over, he'd been so busy taking pictures that he couldn't see where she'd signed it. She pointed out what she'd written, "To me, Love Leanne." He paid the cash and she asked if we were enjoying our day. We said we were and then he started to walk off. Without his change. The model had to call him back to make sure he got his money.

Honestly, a pretty woman talks to him and he loses his mind. He almost got talked into signing up for a subscription to a magazine just because a pretty blonde woman started chatting to him. Good job I was there to help him see sense.