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The number 23 car // Ron Dennis gets confused over the car numbering system

Published by Mr. C

Back in mid-January we had a bit of a discussion on the show, regarding some of the nonsense Ron Dennis was spouting during the unveiling of McLaren's 2008 challenger in Stuttgart.

One of the points we questioned was the following statement:

It is Lewis' birthday today, we've gone to a lot of trouble... he is 23, it is the MP4-23 and he will carry 23 on the car, but that is more by accident than judgement I must say.

At the time the official FIA entry list had Hamilton above Kovalainen, meaning Lewis would actually be driving the 22 car, leaving number 23 for Heikki.

Given there was some confusion about who exactly was correct, we thought we'd leave it until the cars arrived in Australia where we could see for ourselves.

When Lewis rolled out of the pitlane earlier today, he was driving this car:

Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne

Yep, the FIA list was correct and Dennis was incorrect. Or should that be... and Ron Dennis lied.

Maybe I'm being harsh, maybe the man got caught up the excitement of his last-minute launch or maybe he just had a senior moment. Of note I personally haven't seen any kind of correction issued by McLaren's press office since his statement, so I'm guessing they're just hoping we'd all forget about it.

I've been called out before, for unfair criticism of Ron, so instead I'd like to know your opinion on the matter. Did Dennis, a man who spent the latter half of last season having his personal integrity brought into question, publicly lie? Or should we be a little more lenient on the old chap? It's been a stressful time after all.

Love to hear everyone's thoughts.