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The next David Croft - Commentating on the 2CV 24 hour challenge

Published by Jon Waldock

2CV Racing at Snetterton
Credit: MaisieHexagon

Think of the big endurance races of all time; Le Mans, Petit Le Mans, Autosport 1000km. Now take these famous events and cross them with a car that was designed in the 1930s to safely transport a basket of eggs across a ploughed field and you have the Classic 2CV Racing Club’s 24 hour race.  Now don’t jump to any conclusions, just because the cars aren’t doing 204mph down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans doesn’t mean that this event won’t feature some amazingly close racing. The Classic 2CV Racing Club prides itself on its racing. 27 Citroëns making their way up to the first of many corners in its annual 24 hour race is a sight to be seen.

During the event, I will be working with the commentary team in the pits as the “roving mic man" for some of the time. I’ll arrive on Friday, at the Motorsport Vision-owned Snetterton circuit in Norfolk, spending most of the day getting used to the cars and finishing any research of the drivers and teams that I haven’t collected by then. The race starts on Saturday at 17:30 (BST) with the build up starting at 17:00 (BST), but before it does there is a full day of racing, including multiple Caterham classes, the MG owners club and the Max5 series also.

Working with BTCC circuit commentator Alan Hyde, Mat James (racing editor of Motorsport News) and Lewis Beales (local motoring journalist), as well as Ainslie Bousefield, who is a stalwart of the Classic 2CV Racing Club, I’ve had to do a lot of prep so that I can hit the ground running when I get there on Friday.

This year’s event is a very important one in the 2CV Racing Club’s history, with the Silverstone 24 hour’s taking a year off, it is the only 24 hour motor race in Britain this year,  but more importantly it is the first year that the circuit commentary will be broadcast via live webcast.

The coverage will start around 17:00 (BST) and last for over 24 hours. You can follow along at the 2CV Racing site, or via Twitter for more information during the race.