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The last word // More on Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren

Published by Mr. C

We're just about ready to post this week's show, but before we do there's a couple of things I wanted to wrap up here first.

A quick update on our phone number. A couple of people have reported issues getting through via the 0121 28 TRACK number but have had success by logging onto Skype and finding us under the name sidepodcast. Please do leave a comment if you're having issues and we'll try and get to the bottom of it.

In other news. I spied on Technorati's homepage today that searches for the keyword 'Alonso' made it to the most popular list on the homepage. The last time that happened to an F1 related search was for 'Kubica' following his accident in Canada. You'd expect a massive crash like that to garner worldwide interest, I didn't expect a qualifying controversy to do the same.

Top keyword Alonso on Technorati

We didn't cover it during the show but Fernado says the team aren't talking to Lewis, while Lewis says Fernando is ignoring him. Yet again I feel it's going to be another long week!

I can't complain though, I'm so pleased we chose this year to start doing a podcast. There's a never ending stream of accusations, controversy, counter-accusations and conspiracy to keep our interest. Some say it's bad for the sport. But given the evidence above, the ever-increasing quantity of comments on this site and the phone calls we're now receiving I say "nonsense".

It's all good stuff, and driver squabbles are something fans can really get their teeth into.

It's time we saw more of it in F1, personalities are everything. Teams try and try to cover their drivers in the safety net of corporate PR, but every now and then a few manage to break free, and weekends like the one we've just had are the result. Cars only hold so much interest to a small number of fans, people on the other hand... well everyone has something in common with them.

I want to leave the last words to Alonso himself, who, when questioned post race if he would let Hamilton past if asked to in the future, said:

If the team asks me to, I'll let him by. The team pays me to do what they want.