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The inaugural Teams Rankings crowns a winner - In which the first ever rankings for teams draws to a conclusion

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The team rankings made their debut this year to sit alongside the driver battle in Christine's Rankings, and it's been a fascinating watch. The two Lotus teams fought side by side through the courts and on the rankings page as well, but towards the end of the year, it became clear there could be only one winner.

This week, we celebrate lucky mascots, running for charity, and the inevitable points for cake.

Movements for Week 43

  • +1 Red Bull Racing: +1 for having the whole pit crew on the same show as Webber was on last week, as described by Pete.
  • +2 Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team: +2 for Ross Brawn and Nick Fry pimping pictures for drinks!
  • +2 Sahara Force India F1 Team: +2 for having a new mascot - better a lucky parrot than a lucky coconut.
  • +4 Marussia F1 Team: +3 for Barny Whitwham's impressive feat of running every single track and collecting the most amount of money for UBS this year. +1 for picking Kris as a winner and making his day!
  • +2 Scuderia Ferrari: +2 for their big ol' cake to celebrate Massa's 100th race for the team.
  • +1 Team Lotus: +1 for introducing replica helmets of their pit crew to the shop. Is this a new thing by teams? If not, it certainly is fun.
  • -2 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: -2 for running out of ideas with their driver challenges, press-ups doesn't seem in keeping with the rest of the events.

Standings for Week 43

This week's standings
10Team Lotus174
20Red Bull Racing164
31Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team257
4-1Lotus Renault GP57
50Vodafone McLaren Mercedes-251
60Marussia F1 Team450
70AT&T Williams37
80Sauber F1 Team33
90Sahara Force India F1 Team211
100Scuderia Ferrari211
110Scuderia Toro Rosso8
120HRT Formula 1 Team3
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