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The greatest comeback since Lazarus? - Murray Walker rumoured to be making a commentary return

Published by Mr. C

Kevin Eason of the Times Online has a piece in his column today, stating that legendary commentator Murray Walker could be making a return to the microphone.

The plan appears to be for Murray to replace regular Five Live host David Croft, for a single race, while David takes time out for paternity leave.

Although the article doesn't say at which race the man will return, David did mention his wife was heavily pregnant during 'The Lewis Hamilton Effect' radio broadcast over the weekend. So it'll probably be pretty soon.

Mr. Walker hasn't commentated on an F1 race for 6 six years (although he did a fine job during the GP Masters series not so long ago), so I really, really hope that this happens. Could you imagine the pleasure of turning down James Allen's incessant witterings and turning up Five Live to hear Murray shouting "GO, GO, GO" once more?

For a brief second I was worried, that given his age, Muzza might make a hash of it. But then I remembered he always made a bit of a hash of it. And the races were more enjoyable because of it!

Now, how to convince Brundle to throw a sicky and join Murray on the Beeb once more?