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The future of F1 at all // The FIA and teams face a new battle

Published by Christine

For a long time, there have been rumblings between the FIA and the F1 teams, with the latter thinking about breaking away and setting up their own races in the way they want to do it.

Now it appears that Max Mosley has managed to strike an agreement with the teams on the issues that were still left up in the air. According to them, a new document will be drawn up and signed and should keep the sport together for at least five more years.

Bernie Ecclestone had managed to squash the idea of the breakaway series by getting five of the top teams to sign an agreement concerning the financing of the sport. But this new deal should sort out the technical issues that have been raised.

Mosley has been quoted as saying that the future of F1 should definitely include independent teams, should concentrate on keeping F1 at the forefront of road technology, instead of being a dinosaur of motorsport. He also wants F1 to become much greener.

So much to achieve, so little time!