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The car is the star // Faces for Charity does the business as Red Bull raise money

Published by Mr. C

Images on the sidepod of an Red Bull F1 car

Believe it or not - I'm in there somewhere!! This is what the finished product looks like, and I'll be honest, it's not what I was expecting.

Part of me think it looks a little bit, um, papier mache? A bit childish. But another part of me is really digging the look. The amount of effort they have gone to with this charity endeavour is really quite astounding.

According to Red Bull's website, well over 30,000 pictures have been pasted onto the car to raise more than $1 million for Wings For Life - a charity that is aiming to find a cure for spinal injuries.

The drivers are typically very happy about the whole thing, despite having to drive around in a patchwork car.

I am always surprised and encouraged by the support I get from the fans, but this year, even before we get to Silverstone, I have to say a very big thank you to so many of them who have pledged money to be on the car with me for this weekend.

- David Coulthard

I know that most of the support from the fans will be for the Brit drivers this weekend at Silverstone, but this year I’ve got thousands of my own fans travelling with me every inch of the way... I also think mine and David’s cars look really great in their special livery.

- Mark Webber

So, everyone is happy. Let's hope we'll all still be smiling at the end of the race when x2 Red Bull drivers cross the finish line. (I'm dreaming, aren't I?)