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The Canadian Grand Prix live... in London! - Watching Formula One with a group of like-minded people

Published by Adam Le Feuvre

Watch the Canadian GP live in London
Watch the Canadian GP live in LondonCredit: BadgerGP

The 2011 Canadian GP is near-guaranteed to be a massively exciting race - it's the first of the year to include two DRS zones and this is a track where overtaking was already more than doable before we had the new gizmos. Strategy will play a big part, especially in terms of tyres - the Gilles Villeneuve circuit is notoriously hard on rubber, so the rapidly degrading Pirellis will present quite a challenge to the teams and drivers. I severely doubt we'll see Krazy Koby doing a one-stop race next weekend! I think it's safe to say that all recent Canadian GPs have been exciting and, whether you're enjoying the 'new F1' era or not, it's difficult not to get excited about the Montreal race.

I write for and, following on from last year's Monaco and Brazilian 'GP Live' events, we're throwing another Badger GP Bash for the Canadian Grand Prix, again live in central London. It's nothing short of an epic way to enjoy F1. Sure, watching it at home is fun -and with Sidepodcast* it's hardly like you're watching it alone - but what about watching the race in an atmosphere as close as possible to going to the race itself? That's what we're aiming for with our GP Live events: 200+ fans in a massive room watching the race in high definition on the big screen (big, as in a few metres) with plenty of flat screens around showing different international feeds, the BBC driver tracker and live timing.

As well as the racing, we're putting on another 'Badger's Big GP Quiz,' which gives you the chance to test your F1 knowledge against loads of other fans with prizes up for grabs at the end. Everyone who comes is also entered into a prize raffle (raffle and quiz prizes include team merchandise, F1 photo poster prints, Badger merchandise and more) and there's plenty of fun and banter too. New for Canada, we're also planning on having a mini F1-fan forum, giving you the chance to debate your thoughts on current hot topics in grand prix racing.

It will be a great day out in the capital, a great way to watch F1 and a great chance to meet other F1 fans. Head over to to read more and book your tickets!

*there's WiFi available at the venue so you can still enjoy Sidepodcast if you've got a fancy phone!