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The busiest Formula 1 podcasters in town // Keeping count on our output after a busy few F1 days

Published by Mr. C

In case you weren't aware Sidepodcast has been having some issues with a certain monopolistic telecommunications company recently, who have a poor track record when it comes to customer service. This has left us sans-broadband for the past month.

No broadband in the world of F1, means no official Live Timing and no 'in-cockpit action' from Renault. It also means researching information and gossip can be a little problematic (dial-up just isn't that quick).

The fact that we managed to produce and release a weekly podcast during this period is nothing short of miraculous. But it's all okay now, because as of Wednesday evening, we're back on the superhighway.

That means we can bring you more. More news, gossip and rumours just how you like 'em. It also means we can finally bring you photos like this one:

Honda Earth Car

Christine has been busy updating our Flickr pool and you can see the fruits of her labour on the Photos page [link removed]. Oh yes, we really can be busy now.

And just in the nick of time too. With 3 races in 4 weeks, that means we'll be bringing you at least 9 podcasts before the end of this month...probably more if we get the chance.

Count 'em - 9 podcasts. That's more F1 goodness then anyone could possibly need right?

Keep it Sidepodcast, the busiest Formula 1 podcasters in town!