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The best way to play - A brand new Formula One game from Codemasters

Published by Christine

It's been a long time since F1 fans had a decent console game to play, and I know it has been a topic of conversation in the comments for the last few months. Codemasters have taken up the daunting task of providing a realistic racing title that will satisfy gamers and fans alike. Still, from what we've seen so far, they look like they're doing a good job.

The game will be out on all kinds of platforms, including the Wii, and although it doesn't seem like a natural fit for what is considered an active console, it does work. The addition of a wheel helps somewhat, as my two willing volunteers display in the attached video.

Okay, okay, you got me. I was trying to be knowledgeable about gaming when I have no idea. Really, I just wanted to plug the ad because it's Croftie and Ant doing what they do best - being competitive with each other. We've mentioned previously how they make a good pairing in the commentary box, even when they are bickering like a married couple, and watching them mess about playing games is oddly compelling too. I dread to think what the ad would look like with Legard and Brundle on the sofa.

Anyway, the game looks decent enough. Wii graphics leave a lot to be desired, but the other platforms will no doubt be better. I just hope they have plenty of driver aids in case I ever get a chance to play it.