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The best thing about ITV - Ted Kravitz gets the inside scoop on Honda and Toyota

Published by Mr. C

We've said it before and we'll say it again - the best thing about ITV's F1 coverage is pit reporter Ted Kravitz. Why he hasn't replaced Allen already is anyone's guess.

Anyhow, Ted's come up with another fine post race report on the ITV website. My favourite point is the one he makes about Honda's front wing problems:

It was discovered that the stickers that cover up the front wing pillar bolts on the underneath of the front wing were being peeled back by the front jack when it was pushed under the wing.

These half-peeled stickers then hung down at 90 degrees, fouling the airflow under the car.

I've not heard that from anyone else, including Honda, and it's a great bit of insight. The other thing of note is the following:

The ITV crew loves Toyota as they are the only team in the pit lane to host an annual dinner for our entire production and technical team.

...And you won’t hear a word said against Toyota from our technicians. Some of our guys now even think the Yaris is a nice-looking car.

Ha. Who says you can't buy love eh? Mind you for a couple of kebabs and bottle of wine, I could be persuaded to say nice something nice about Ralf too.

Just saying.