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The best F1 shows never to be broadcast - Motorsport could spread its wings and move into other television

Published by Mr. C

On learning that the UK rights to F1 coverage were soon to be up for grabs, broadcaster Channel 4 pitched a proposal to Bernie Ecclestone. Sadly, the BBC / Sky partnership won through, but details of C4's pitch came to light this week thanks to the design consultancy Graphic House.

C4's ten point plan promised historical content utilising archive footage, cross-platform convergence and unparalleled marketing coupled with cross-promotion. It was this final point that the Sidepodcast community felt Channel 4 would have excelled in, mixing sought-after sports rights with popular entertainment shows in perfect synergy. Thus we now present to you, the best F1 shows never to be broadcast.

Formula 1's missed opportunities

1. Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer's bigger challenge yet.

Relocation, Relocation - The team help Bernie find a new country to host a race

- Maverick

2. Might a certain someone be tempted to bribe the banker?

Deal or No Deal - Sorting the calendar and the cost of holding a race

- Steven Roy

3. Listen out for the car crash narration.

Come Dine with Me - Flavio Briatore, Nelson Piquet Jr, Pat Symonds and Witness X all cook and host for the right to win £1,000. How will Briatore's burnt Margarita pizza go down compared to Piquet's burnt contract with roast potatoes?

- RG

4. Pity the poor Sauber team and their pure white livery.

How Clean is your Pit Garage? - Kim and Aggie take their marigolds and dustpans down to the F1 pitlane, we all know McLaren are the cleanest but who will have the most unhygienic pit garage?

- Pat W

5. But who will play the well meaning lady making tea?

Father Ted - One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three pit lane reporters, one Eddie Jordan and the most consistently awful weather this side of Spa-Francorchamps. Welcome to the world of Father Ted Kravitz!

- Maverick

6. Presumably filmed in the Silverstone garage no-one can see.

The PIT Crowd - Comedy with the socially inept engineers of Reynholm Racing

- Maverick

7. Look out for the never-ending weekend omnibus edition.

Hollyoakes - teen drama about relationships in the paddock of junior formulae, featuring Holly Samos and GP3 driver Oliver Oakes

- Pat W

Keep them coming, and help us document F1's biggest missed opportunity of the modern era. Apologies go to any international readers with bemused expressions right now.