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The balance of power - F1 engine and team partnerships for 2014 and beyond

Published by Christine

Renault F1 power unit for 2014
Credit: Renault Sport Technologies

The 2014 regulations were specifically written to create a new challenge for engine suppliers and tempt some of the names we recently saw exit stage left to return. We're seeing engine manufacturers reignite their interest in the sport after spotting attractive environmental and financial elements, adding new names to the list of potential suppliers. With a wealth of choice, teams are now weighing up their contracts closely, and there has been a lot of change on the grid in terms of who's supplying whom.

Mercedes already have a large presence and to counter losing their big brand association with McLaren, it was confirmed today they would link up with Williams instead. Renault are facing changes, whilst the aforementioned McLaren are assisting in the return of the Honda brand, which we last saw compete as a works team in 2008.

With all this upheaval, it feels fitting to have a table of the team/engine partnerships as they exist right now, and as they will be over the next few years.

Red Bull RacingRenaultRenaultRenault
Scuderia FerrariFerrariFerrariFerrari
Vodafone McLaren MercedesMercedesMercedesHonda
Lotus F1 TeamRenaultRenault*Renault*
Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 TeamMercedesMercedesMercedes
Sauber F1 TeamFerrariFerrari*Ferrari*
Sahara Force India F1 TeamMercedesMercedesMercedes
Williams F1 TeamRenaultMercedesMercedes
Scuderia Toro RossoFerrariRenaultRenault
Caterham F1 TeamRenaultRenaultRenault
Marussia F1 TeamCosworthFerrari*Ferrari*

Those with asterisks denote supplies yet to be confirmed, but that seem to be the most likely to continue/take over. The following shows a breakdown of engine manufacturer allocation should those assumptions prove correct.

Expected allocation 2014/15

What we can say from all this is that F1 is about to undergo significant change from next season and there is going to be a lot of upheaval throughout the field. Those teams that have a consistent supply of engines across the seasons may find they have a slight advantage, but unquestionably the power belongs with the works teams. All the data and knowledge should flow seamlessly from one year to the next, although, of course, with the new regulations, it could be like starting all over again.

There are going to be a lot of people finding their feet in 2014 and beyond, as the teams adjust to their new or resumed relationships, to the altered power beneath the hood, and to those increased manufacturing challenges. It's going to be fascinating to watch.