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I predict another riot - The 2014 Fantasy GP league is go, go, go

Published by Journeyer

With the F1 season dawning upon us once again, the 2014 Fantasy GP on is now up and running. It's a fun and easy fantasy game: each player is given a budget of 75 million and must spend it on three drivers and three teams. You can change your line-up at any time, although there are some restrictions on changes from China onwards.

Badger GP league

What does the winner get, you may be wondering? Not only do you get some serious bragging rights, you'll also get a limited-edition Winners Trophy Mug!

But nothing beats competition amongst friends. That's why I've started a Sidepodcast friends league!

Anyone can join, just enter code 948051.

Join the Sidepodcast friends league

To join the 2014 Fantasy GP, just tap here. Good luck and see you there!