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The 2010 Sidepodcast Character Cup - Our second annual personality contest will begin shortly

Published by Christine

It is time, once again, for you to put your voting hats on, as the Sidepodcast Character Cup makes a triumphant return. We are going to pit each and every one of the drivers that make up the 2010 grid against each other to try and determine who should win the coveted (albeit imaginary) Sidepodtrophy this year.

The class of 2010.  What a motley crew they are.
The class of 2010. What a motley crew they are.Credit: Bridgestone Motorsport

Before the 2009 season got underway, we selected 14 of the drivers to go head-to-head and saw some very interesting results. Both Massa and Hamilton, who I had predicted to make a fascinating final, went out in the first round. This says as much about my predictions as it does about their characters, I think. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel made his way right through, with two extremely close polls. He went up against Räikkönen and won by a single vote. The final saw Vettel face Alonso, and it was the Spaniard who won, again by just one solitary vote.

All in all, a total of 1,665 votes were cast, and we want more of the same for our 2010 batch of drivers. They'll be going up against each other to see how they fare without a track underneath them. This is your chance to decide who has the best character in Formula One at the moment, and I have a feeling the results might be quite different to last year. Remember, your votes should go to the driver you think has the best character - they could be the nicest, they might handle the media well, they might show strength against great adversity, that type of thing. It's not about who is the fastest. There's already a perfectly good competition underway for that kind of thing.

A couple of simple programming notes this time round. Firstly, due to the number of drivers, the final will be fought by three contenders, rather than the more traditional two. We like to spice things up here at Sidepodcast! Also, the draw is completely random, except for the finalists of last year. Alonso and Vettel top and tail the draw, just like they do at Wimbledon.

Look out for the first poll arriving later this week, and assuming Mr C has not wrecked the polling system, you'll be able to vote on your favourite for 24 hours. The next poll will then appear, and then the next, and so on until we reach the final. I can't wait!