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The 2010 FIA Gala F1 season review - The governing bodies video montage of the Formula One season

Published by Lukeh

As you may know, at the end of every season the FIA wraps up all of it's motorsport and whatnot with a grand old event known as the FIA Gala. This very formal event is seen as the absolute finale of the year's motorsport, celebrating champions from the likes of Formula 1 and World Rally Championship and politely applauding them whilst wearing a very expensive tuxedo. I assume owning a tuxedo is not just the only requirement of attending this event but nevertheless, the audience are treated as well with a season review video from the FIA that is always something to check out. So, of course, courtesy of the Eurosport broadcast of the event, here is the 2010 FIA Season Review video from the FIA Gala:

It really was quite a year, wasn't it? It amazes me watching that back just how much happened, like back at China with Sébastien Buemi's wheel catastrophe and Mark Webber's flippedydodah over Heikki Kovalainen at Valencia and of course many more big moments of the season shown throughout the video. The Red Bull and Ferrari bits are very, very funny though and check out that intro! Loving the whole stepping into historical cars within the sports and memories that brought it to where it is today. I'll be honest though, I'm not a huge fan of it this year compared to the last few years - bit too much emphasis on the celebrity side of the sport and the use of Westlife and Take That? -Really?! - but it's still an immensely well packaged together video looking at all the moments that made 2010 such a great season to watch and a totally unpredictable one at that.

You've also got to give some credit to the guys who put these videos together because they're always so well done. I'm assuming this is the same people behind the race edits we get after every grand prix on the Formula 1 website because the standard is certainly no lower than what is produced there. I also have a sneaky suspicion these weren't made on Windows Movie Maker too, you know. Just a hunch. But we wouldn't have videos like these without the moments that the sport has produced and this video shows just how crazy 2010 was, with some quite brilliant moments. What a great way to look back and remember.

I think this pretty much means that 2010 is done with then for motorsport. Who's up for some actual off-season now?