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The 2010 Christine's Rankings champion - Timo Glock - Our first Rankings Champion has been crowned, but it was a close run thing

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They say that the answer is always 42, and on the forty-second week of Christine's Rankings, we crowned our champion for 2010. It is Timo Glock who takes top honours in what was an incredibly close battle, the Virgin Racing star pipped his two closest rivals at the very last minute.

Shaken but not stirred.
Shaken but not stirred.Credit: Virgin Racing

Here's how the year went for our three medallists.

Bronze Medalist - Karun Chandhok

Karun took the lead just last week to head into the final round of rankings in the best possible position. He has been near the top of the leaderboard since almost the very beginning, and his easy win in the 2010 Character Cup proved that he was exceptionally popular, despite being brand new to F1.

After being ditched by HRT, it was harder for Karun to find opportunities for rankings - no more PR events that saw him dressed as a fireman or being terrified of dolphins. He kept us entertained via 5live commentary, though, and was a constant presence on Twitter. Each and every week, Steven Roy would dig out a list of tweets from Mr Chandhok that were worthy of rankings points. Even Chandhok's mother picked up on the social network, and began canvassing for points on his behalf.

Ultimately, Karun was pipped to the top spot in the very last week, but was an absolutely worthy contender and equally deserving of the title.

Silver Medalist - Heikki Kovalainen

For the latter stages of the competition, it was Heikki Kovalainen who was leading. He made a massive leap forward in the midst of the year, stopping the charge of Timo and Karun, who were romping away in the lead by themselves. There were two distinct items that propelled Heikki up the charts, the first of which was his photo taken with a Sidepodbanner made by Lou. The second was a video he made about going to watch bears. I remember it vividly, and it still makes me smile.

Heikki is in the right team to make a good impression on the rankings, as Lotus Racing have been very interactive with fans, and have gained a lot of love and respect in the paddock. Fireman Heikki would not have been nearly so much fun if he'd been in a more boring team. More of the same next year, please.

Finishing second on Christine's Rankings this year is nothing to be sniffed at, I can be quite a harsh critic. The three contenders all deserve the highest praise indeed, but it is a silver medal for Heikki, whilst the gold belongs to someone else.

Gold Medalist - Timo Glock

For many, myself included, it almost feels as though Glock crept out of nowhere and snatched the title from the hands of the others. In reality, though, he has been there or thereabouts all year. He made a big jump forward during Week 18, taking over the lead from Chandhok. That was the week of Ready Steady Glock, and really he should have been getting more points for that for a lot longer. It was hard to judge, because of the rankings 'double jeopardy' ruling, but it sent him straight to the top, where he remained for a few weeks.

Towards the latter half of the year, he has remained in contention with his many, many video updates. There are not many drivers who take time out of their lives to update the fans in such a way. Virgin Racing PR activities helped out a little, but the team don't have a huge budget, so Glock has sustained his position in the top three mostly by himself (with a little help from his partner, too).

Going into the final, he was joint second with Heikki, both just one point off the leader Karun Chandhok. A combination of amusing tweets and a greatest hits video saw him sneak into the lead - again just a point over second place Heikki. It is close at the top, and I will reiterate that all three deserve the ultimate accolade for providing us with such entertainment all year. However, there can be only one winner.

To Timo Glock, then, the 2010 Christine's Rankings Champion. Will he be able to retain his crown come 2011?