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The 2008 Megamix - Time, once more, to get your reviews of the Formula One season in

Published by Mr. C

A little while ago, actually a long while ago now I come to think of it, Rich sent us an email containing his personal 2008 season review in audio. At first we figured we'd slot it into F1 Debrief along with other voicemails, but it was a long review, weighing in at nearly 15 minutes, and we didn't want to lose any of the insight. Thus the idea of an end-of-season megamix was born.

Submissions go

We've already discussed this plan on the past two shows, but I promised to go into the idea in more detail as well as put up a reminder, plus Dom's threatened to keep hassling me until I do.

Those who've followed Sidepodcast for a while, may remember back at the start of the year we requested listeners to call in with their predictions for the outcome of Melbourne Grand Prix. The results were compiled into a dazzling montage that set up the season nicely. It seems only correct that we should close the year with something similar.

Therefore what we're after is yet more contributions from your good selves. We promise this will be the last thing we ever ask of you, this year... probably. What we'd really like is for anyone and everyone to let us know what you loved, hated, supported or derided between the months January to December 2008. What made you cheer and and what made you jeer? Can you name the moments you'd watch again and again, and the ones you'd sooner forget?

Year in review

12 months is a long time though, so just in case you've forgotten, here's a potted history of F1 in 2008 to help dust off the cobwebs:

  • The banning of traction control
  • The magically, magnificent, combustible Red Bull
  • Kimi losing control in Monaco and taking Force India's sole chance of points with him
  • Début wins for Kovalainen, Vettel and Kubica
  • The resurgence of Renault and fall of BMW
  • Poor stewarding descisions, pretty much everywhere
  • The making of Massa
  • Pitlane lights, both red ones and green ones
  • The rain at Silverstone and again Monza
  • Rosberg outdriving his penalty at night
  • That corner, on that lap

You can tell us everything either by calling our voicemail on 0121 28 87225 or Skyping the username sidepodcast. If neither of these appeal, but you have the ability to record your voice onto computer, you can mail us by attaching an MP3 and posting to christine [at]

It doesn't matter how long or how short you make it. We already have donations spanning from 1 minute to 20 minutes. Whatever you've got to say, we'd love to hear it.

I've put back the deadline twice already, but I swear that Sunday 14th December is the very last day we'll accept contributions and then we'll compile them altogether, and create a 2008 Megamix to keep forever.