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The 2008 Calendar - Britain to Brazil - A brief evaluation of the second half of the F1 calendar

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

This is the second part of our quick round-up of the Formula 1 circuits we will enjoy this year. If you missed the first half of the calendar, you can catch up here.

  • Britain - Britain is fondly known as the home of F1 Racing, as the first World Championship race was held at Silverstone in the 1950s. Unfortunately, Bernie Ecclestone continues to assert the track is no longer up to standard, despite the race remaining popular.
  • Germany - The German Grand Prix alternates between the F1 circuit at Nürburgring, and this year's host at Hockenheim. Like the Nürburgring, this year's race is featured on a small part of a much bigger circuit, and features one of the tightest hairpins on the calendar.
  • Hungary - The track at Hungary is slow and has few overtaking opportunities. It often struggles with poor weather, making it a more interesting race for strategies, but at the same time there is usually less action out on track.
  • Valencia - Valencia hosts the European Grand Prix this year, and is a brand new street circuit, designed by Herman Tilke. The popularity of Alonso and his return to Renault will no doubt make this Grand prix a success, but the track has more corners than any other, making it a challenging prospect.
  • Belgium - Spa Francorchamps is one of the most popular circuits on the calendar, and it's return to the calendar last year, after being dropped in 2006, was greeted well by both fans and teams alike.
  • Italy - Ferrari's home race is always popular and features an incredibly fast track at Monza. Some chicanes have been added over the years to try and slow things down a bit, but it remains a speedy challenge for the drivers.
  • Singapore - The second new circuit on the calendar is going to be the sport's first night race. Although the track looks reasonable enough, again designed by Tilke, the main focus is on how the event organisers will cope with the demands of a night race, and if everything will go right on the night.
  • Japan - Fuji returned to the calendar last year after a break of 30 years, and it wasn't the best race on the calendar. It rained and the first 20 laps of the race were behind the safety car due to concerns about driver safety. This year needs to be a better race before the Japan race is held at Suzuka next year.
  • China - Shanghai boasts some of the most impressive facilities and corporate hospitality on the calendar. The track is in the shape of a Chinese symbol and the long corners offer plenty of overtaking opportunities.
  • Brazil - As the last track of the season, Brazil is always swamped with fans. The facilities are not great but the atmosphere and the track hold it in place. Like Turkey, the track runs anti-clockwise and offers long corners, with plenty of overtaking opportunities.

That wraps up a quick introduction to the order of events for 2008. Make sure you tune in to the races, so you can see which circuit is your favourite.