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Ten years of Sidepodcast - Celebrating a decade's worth of F1 content

Published by Christine

Happy ten years to Sidepodcast

We're not super big on anniversaries and suchlike here at Sidepodcast HQ, but it turns out that on this very day, ten years ago, the whole concept of Sidepodcast was born. On the 30th December 2006, I purchased a domain name, whipped up a quick start blog and began posting about what we were working on.

Whilst waiting for the new season to begin, I wondered what else I could get my teeth into. And suddenly it dawned on me - a podcast! Hurrah! What better to go alongside a blog that you read, than a show that you can listen to. Welcome to Sidepodcast. Do you see what I did there? Side pod? Podcast? Brilliant.

- Christine

It's good to know that even in those very early days, I was still supremely proud of my puns and titles. The very same day, we published a minute long introductory podcast, which I am actively discouraging you from listening to. It's intensely awkward and rrrrubbish, with me using a shortened version of my name, and Mr C being referred to simply as The Other Host.

The actual podcasts started one week later, after we spent a long time editing out the noise from recording on January 1st - turns out that's a popular time for fireworks, and thus not a good time for rookie podcasters to attempt to make their debut. Ten years later, fireworks still grind my gears.

From such humble beginnings, it is incredible to me that Sidepodcast is still here. We've been on a ridiculous journey across the last decade, from the highs of community based singing, to the lows of snivelling in a Silverstone tent, from publishing preview books to constantly evolving our podcast presence, from ten or more shows a weekend, to the more languid occasional feature we're at now. From thinking F1 is the best sport on the planet, to ignoring it for six months or more, to settling somewhere in between the two extremes.

Sidepodcast has ebbed and flowed, blossomed and grown, always changing, always different. It means as much to me now as it did then, even if it doesn't take up quite so much of my daily life. And a ten year anniversary is the perfect time to thank everyone who has ever listened to us, interacted with us, written for us or featured on a podcast. You're all brilliant.

I have no idea what the future holds for Sidepodcast, but I know it will continue to be an outlet for our creative endeavours and that's all I could ask from it. As I said in that intro show (that you haven't listened to, right?): "After that the world is our oyster. We could talk about anything, anytime."

And we will!