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Tell us about yourself - Get to know your fellow Sidepodcast visitors

Published by Christine

The wiki has long been the place to tell us a little bit about yourself, and link to your various locations on the web. However, I have spent a bit of time on our SPC Regulars page over the last couple of days, and introduced a table to gather all the information in one handy place.

SPC Regulars page on the wiki

If you want to find out who owns which blog, or where to find them on Twitter, then this is the place for you. If you're not on that page yet, then now is your chance.

The idea behind the SPC Regulars page is a front to each individual commenters page, where you tell us about yourself. You can upload photos, use one of the standard questionnaires or simply write a couple of paragraphs about how you got interested in Formula 1. Once you've done that, adding yourself to the table is easy.

As mentioned in the last couple of shows, we want to start noting people's Sidepodversaries - the anniversary of when you first start commented. We can easily find this information for you, and make a note of it in the wiki. I can't promise we'll remember it when the time comes, but one step at a time, eh? Finally, don't forget to self promote. Link to your blog, your Twitter account, your Flickr account (other microblogs and photo sharing sites are available).

There are plenty of other things to do on the wiki, including telling us which team you support, and embarrassing yourself by revealing what your first music purchase was. We want to know it all, but you only have to share what you want to. Visit the wiki, sign up for a free account, and get writing. Let us know when you're done!