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Talking is the next best thing - Drivers move to commentating once their racing careers are done

Published by Christine

Super Aguri have been gone only 24 hours, and already the drivers are looking for the next step. I imagine it will be difficult for them to get a decent drive mid-way through the season, but you never know what’s going to happen, or who’s going to get the boot.

Davidson, in particular, has been very vocal about his desire to continue in the sport.

I really feel it’s unfinished business for me in Formula One. I feel it’s where I belong. You only begin to realise just how much you love it when it’s taken away from you.

And also:

I definitely feel I've done enough to show people that I'm quick, can race, give excellent feedback, always do a solid and professional job, and when it's under my control, bring the car home.

I suppose the big worry for Ant at the moment, besides finding a job, is that he might end up another Alex Wurz - always testing. Now, it’s different for Wurz because he had his chance at racing and found that he didn’t like it so much. Davidson, meanwhile, is desperate to keep racing, but he just seems to be a much better test driver.

If testing doesn’t suit him so much, I have another idea. I’ve been thinking about it and have come up with another job prospect, still on the fringes of the sport. Commentator.

He was brilliant covering the Hungarian GP for ITV, and the BBC could surely find space in the box for him. He certainly has all the inside knowledge and is capable of sharing it with us (unlike another ex-driver who I won’t mention but who’s name rhymes with Ramon Bill). I guess Davidson will feel like commentating is a step down from being a driver, but I reckon it’s one of the most important jobs going. Think of how much respect Murray Walker commandeers – and Brundle is rapidly approaching a revered status.

Giving fans an insight into a very mysterious and well-shielded sport is a worthwhile and valued career path, and I think Davidson would be a welcome addition to our ears.

Sato, meanwhile, is going to take a lot more thought.